Light  sculpts  fascinating  silhouettes  and evokes  forms  all around us.   It reveals
colours   and   textures  that  make  objects  one  might  usually  overlook  infinitely
beautiful. The expressive hand of time leaves unpredictable traces everywhere and
works its magic creating a rich patina.

Rugs  as  canvases, Photography  as  inspiration.
Through   a   camera’s  eye, Solstys  captures   the   poetic   artistry   of   nature,   its
authenticity and  wildness. It  translates the dialogue of the elements  into  unique
textural  canvases  which are brought to life  by the highly-skilled hands of tibetan
weavers. Two arts combined to create a new medium illustrating the magic wonder
and imperfect perfection that is in nature.

Solstys  rugs  portray   the  exquisite  delicacy  of  simple  things  and  reflect   their
essence  of  beauty  on  our  floor. Rugs  that  explore   the  elegance  of  rust  slowly
seeping  a  landscape, of  shadows whispering  on a wall ; no discernible form,  but
room for  a personal  reading  that embraces  the world  across cultures  and time…
fragments of perpetual motion.

In a  busy world, Solstys  brings  a  breath  of  nature  to  interior  spaces,  infusing
them with something  that  is  at once  luxurious  but  understated, collectible  but
accessible, familiar but not immediately recognizable.

Solstys Collection  is  the culmination of  a long experience  of  collaboration  with
some  of  the  world’s most  celebrated  interior designers, provided  in  a variety of
qualities and materials with extensive custom capabilities.